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Great product!

Great product! The protein shots are so handy compared to a massive protein shake, plus its tastes great!

Cool product

V24 Gummies review: I found it good at curbing my hunger cravings. Taste a bit like percy pig sweets but without the sugar. Cool product.


Incredible alternative to regular protein shakes!

by Jessica Burn on Blank Business Name
Yummy Gummies

V24 Gummies have helped massively to control my snacking. Really does curb my cravings & they taste so good.....

by Tamsin on Blank Business Name
V24 have created the product I was looking for!

It was impossible to find tasty, high protein but zero fat or carbs (to fit my macros) supplements that were also gluten free, but V24 have read my mind! This is the most perfect source of pure protein and I'll never go back to anything else!

by Vikki Morris on Blank Business Name
Perfect, handy shots of protein,

I brought these about 4 weeks ago as i was struggling to get the amount of protein i needed into my diet with just food, so i decided to give these ago, wow how easy i take to my PT sessions with me and so easy to drink, small and easy to store even took them to France with me love them. i will be ordering more when i run out as this is perfect for my needs in every way. Great idea so happy i found them

I love the apple taste

I love the apple taste. Never had an apple protein supplement before. I travel a lot with work so I find their size very handy.

by Honour May on Blank Business Name
My new go to thing

FANTASTIC - AMAZING - REVOLUTIONARY are just a few words that I would use to describe this product. I am as fussy as they come, I cant drink protein shakes and I hate anything that "Tastes odd" but this I can drink easily for breakfast, a snack or dinner! Being a model I'm always on the go and this is so small and compact meaning I can pop 2-3 In my bag each day for when I get peckish or when I have finished at the gym. I'm only small but I find one fills me up for a good 3-5 hours taking away any want or urge to snack! All in all a great product with a fab taste.... and to prove it I'm about to buy 100 more!

by Courtney on Blank Business Name

I have been taking the v24 shot every morning and find it helps to keep me feeling full and my skin is glowing! They taste so good and have so many health benefits! Will be ordering more to keep myself topped up

by Harri Mellish on Blank Business Name
Amazing taste and very handy

Received a sample of one of these and fell in love with them so ordered some more from Ocado. They're much better than protein bars especially when cutting as it's literally just protein. Recommended to my friends and would recommend to anybody who wants an easy way of meeting your daily protein intake.

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